FMG Project runs a FREE Academy Programme for young people aged 16-18 (school years 12 and 13) to learn, grow and achieve through fitness. The Academy Programme is a 10-week gym-based coaching programme combining expert strength and conditioning training, coaching around mindsets and motivation, as well as educational content about exercise, nutrition and our health and wellbeing.

The programme is designed to equip and empower young people, whilst also providing new experiences and opportunities, so that they are more able to deal with the challenges in their lives and develop life and social skills such as communication, leadership and commitment.

On finishing the programme, young people gain access to our free Friday open gym sessions from 4-6pm, where they can make friends and complete their own workout each week.

We are proud to announce that this course is also now CPD accredited, under the name ‘Coaching Fundamentals’, meaning that young people can put it on their personal statements or CVs in the future.


of participants now feel more confident and motivated as a result of taking part


of parents feel that their child is more resilient and confident after taking part


of participants feel that their teamwork, communication and attitude have improved

Our programmes provides a team-like atmosphere where young people feel safe and encouraged, whilst also challenging them to achieve more than they initially thought was possible. Towards the end of the programme, the trainees learn and practice coaching skills, and also have the opportunity to connect with or join local sports clubs, in order to create long-term development that goes on beyond our 10-week programme.

Our next programme will start at the end of September 2024, with taster sessions in August and September. If you, or someone you know, would like to try a taster session or join the programme, then click on the button below to register your interest. Please note that, unfortunately, we cannot guarantee you a space on our next programme just because you register your interest. If you have any questions about the programme, then please get in touch!

THE Foundation PROGRAMME (14-16)


The Foundation Programme is our brand new, free 10-week programme for 14-16 year olds (school years 10 and 11), teaching them the basics of gym-based strength and conditioning training. We aim to support local young people who are experiencing barriers to participation in sport and exercise, helping them to build resilience and giving them access to high-quality facilities and coaching.

As part of the programme, we provide each young person with two gym sessions per week, as well as weekly 1-1 coaching and mentoring support. This opens up a safe space for them to talk openly and be listened to, helping them to navigate challenges in their life, become more self-aware and improve their attitude and communication skills, both inside and outside of the gym. 

Once they have completed the programme, athletes that show a positive attitude and willingness to learn, will be invited to join our Academy Programme (see above) when they turn 16 or join year 12. They will also get access to our open gym sessions on a Friday from 4-6pm to continue their development and meet and train with other young people who have finished our programmes.

Our next programme will start at the end of September 2024, with taster sessions in August and September. If your child, or someone you know, might be interested in joining the programme or attend a taster session, click on the button below and, if you have any questions, then please get in touch! Please note that just because you register your interest, it does not guarantee you a space on the programme.


Parent feedback

“I can’t really put into words enough how much *Freddie likes and looks forward to the programme, and the difference to his outlook/mood etc. It’s one of the few things in life that make him happy/he looks forward to doing it and proactively goes and participates.

He really suffers from low self esteem and social anxiety. He has one friend in school but is very socially isolated otherwise, he just can’t deal with the banter etc and has a low self image, because of his special ed needs etc.

He’s told me about some of the coaching you’ve done, and I’ve been blown away by it, and the fact he’s identified himself some targets for improving his social communication.

I would also like to feedback to *Freddie’s Senco/Learning Mentor/PE department on the programme and what it’s achieving, I think they should know as it’s been just about one of the best interventions he’s had and I’m not sure why they haven’t heard if it and aren’t referring in to you!”


“My son was keen to join a gym but was extremely shy. He refused to go to the gym as school saying he felt intimidated.  A friend told me about FMG Project and my son was initially keen to go.

However, when the trial date came he was clearly overwhelmed and demonstrated his high anxiety by shouting and swearing.  We ignored his protests and drove him into town. He continued to complain but  eventually went in with his Dad.

Finding it hard to speak and connect with others, we wondered if he would continue with the course. It is an absolute testament to the trainers at FMG that my son not only engaged and completed the course, but is now confident enough to go to the drop in and meet his friends there.

We can hardly believe the transformation in our scared, anxious boy. The course at FMG has changed his (and our) life, his confidence at home and at school has improved and he is clearly comfortable in his skin now. Thank you Sam and all at FMG – a great place, a life saver.”



Sam is a former international handball player, qualified fitness instructor and coach, and has worked with all ages and abilities, from complete beginners to professional athletes. He has a passion for coaching, particularly to help people reach their full potential through improving self-confidence and belief, and has found that exercise is one of the best and most enjoyable ways to do this!


Talia is a qualified personal trainer and international AFL player, with BA in Psychology and Sociology. Talia has a deep appreciation for the links between physical activity and the benefits for our mental and physical health and has spent over 7 years working with individuals to help them make positive, sustainable, and holistic behavioural changes to improve their health and wellbeing.


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