FMG Project runs two FREE gym-based coaching programmes for local young people to help empower and equip them for their futures. We primarily work with young people who are facing barriers to participation in sport and exercise, such as, ill or poor mental health, learning difficulties, coming from a low-income family, having a criminal record, disengaging with mainstream education and more.

Our flagship Academy Programme now runs for 16-18 year olds and gives them all the tools they need to thrive both inside and outside of the gym. It also provides them with a CPD accredited certificate at the end!

Our new Foundation Programme supports the younger 14-16 age group and teaches them the basics of strength and conditioning training, whilst also supporting them through 1-1 coaching and mentoring. Those who excel will then be invited to join our Academy Programme when they are old enough.


of young people who have taken part in one of our programmes now feel more confident and motivated as a result.


of parents feel that their child is more resilient and confident after taking part.


of participants feel that their teamwork and communication have improved over the course of one of our programmes.

Parent feedback

“I can’t really put into words enough how much *Freddie likes and looks forward to the programme, and the difference to his outlook/mood etc. It’s one of the few things in life that make him happy/he looks forward to doing it and proactively goes and participates.

He really suffers from low self esteem and social anxiety. He has one friend in school but is very socially isolated otherwise, he just can’t deal with the banter etc and has a low self image, because of his special ed needs etc. Hes told me about some of the coaching you’ve done, and I’ve been blown away by it, and the fact he’s identified himself some targets for improving his social communication.

I would also like to feedback to *Freddie’s Senco/Learning Mentor/PE department on the programme and what it’s achieving, I think they should know as it’s been just about one of the best interventions he’s had and I’m not sure why they haven’t heard if it and aren’t referring in to you!”

Our Values

    • Respect. 
    • Engage.
    • Encourage. 
    • Push. 

    • Fail.